Rocksoff Gravel choose Loadmac for their new truck mounted forklift

West Lothian based aggregate and gravel supplier, Rocksoff Gravel Limited, has taken delivery of a brand-new Loadmac 825iSR truck mounted forklift, the first Loadmac to join their fleet.

With a truck mounted forklift already on the fleet from another brand, Rocksoff Gravel Director, Scott Mealyou, explained why the company chose Loadmac for their latest machine; “We had a demo of the machine from our local Loadmac dealer, TG Forklifts. It was the driver’s feedback that we took mostly into consideration as he’s the one using it, and he was very impressed with the stability and handling.”

Designed and built entirely in the UK, the Loadmac 825iSR offers 2.5 tonne lift capacity, along with one-side offload, 3600mm reach and multi-directional steering. The latter was another reason for Rocksoff Gravel’s decision, as Scott continued; “The machine offers four-way multi-directional steering – which means it can adjust from moving forwards to sideways simply by turning the wheels. The turf we carry can be anything from 1 metre up to 5 metres wide, and with the Loadmac this means we can unload and lay the turf without manual handling issues at customer sites quickly and easily.”

rocksoff gravel.jpg


Operators continue to seek ways in which to improve the efficiency of their transport and material handling operations and the truck mounted forklift is becoming an increasingly popular solution for operators in suitable applications. Scott Mealyou explained why Rocksoff Gravel choose the truck mounted option, “With a truck mounted forklift, deliveries are quicker and easier; which means we can provide a better service. We can deliver to our customers and be in total control of a successful delivery, not having to rely on there being a forklift available when we get to site.”

Loadmac Managing Director, Ian Chapman, commented, “In January of this year we expanded our dealer network to be able to reach and service customers throughout the UK, including TG Forklifts in Motherwell. Scotland is a big target market for us, so it’s great to welcome Rocksoff Gravel into the Loadmac family.”